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74 Non-Self -Governing Territories listed under Chapter XI of the Charter in 1946

In part, the United Nations was created at the end of WWII to establish a new international organization that would work towards ending future world wars. During that time, competition over territories and their resources were seen as a major cause for conflict, therefore, putting an end to colonialism and the struggle over resources was seen as a major objective by the architects of the United Nations, the allied powers that had won the war.

In 1946, the eight Administering Powers (Australia, Beligium. Denmark, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States) submitted a total of 74 countries to be listed as Non-Self-Governing Territories under Chapter XI of the Charter. These territories under Chapter XI were administered by the Allied powers before the war, and do not include the countries ruled by the Axis powers (German, Italy and Japan) before the war. Those territories fell under what was called a "Trusteeship," and listed under Articles XII and XIII of the Charter.

Note that all the following countries attained independence except for Tahiti & the French establishment in Oceania, French Guiana, Guadeloupe & Dependencies, Martinique, New Caldonia, Reunion, St Pierre & Miquelon, Tokelau, Bermuda, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Pitcairn Islands, St. Helena & Dependencies, American Samoa, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands. These sixteen Non-Self-Governing Territories have a combined population of about 3 million people, whereas the current estimate of combined peoples, independent from colonialism is over a billion people.

Non-Self-Governing Territories listed under Chapter XI of the Charter

1. Papua. Independent State of Papua New Guinea attained independence in 1975. (Population 6.3M, 2007 estimate)

2.Belgian Congo. Democratic Republic of the Congo attained independence, June 1960. (Pop. 62.6M, 2007 est.)

3. Greenland. Became Autonomous province of the Kingdom of Denmark in 1979, and in 2008 voted on a referendum leading to eventual independence. (Pop. 57,564. 2007 est.)

4. French Equatorial Africa. Became Gabon Republic and attained independence in 1960 (pop. 1.45M, 2005 est.) , Republic of Congo in 1960 (pop. 4M, 2005 est.), Central African Republic in 1960 (4.2M 2007 est.), and Chad in 1960 (pop. 1.3M 2007 est.).
5. French Establishments in India. De-facto Transfer in 1954.
6. French Establishments in Oceania. Tahiti still dependent (pop. 259,596, 2007 est.)
7. French Guiana. Still dependent (pop. 221,500, 2007 est.)
8. French Somaliland. Republic of Djibouti attained independence in 1977. (pop.496,374, 2007 est.).
9. French West Africa. Became Islamic Republic of Mauritania and attained independence in 1960 (pop 3M, 2005 est.), Republic of Senegal in 1960 (13.7M, 2009 est.), Republic of Mali in1960 (pop 11.9M 2007 est.), Republic of Guinea in 1958 (pop. 10.2M 2005 est.), Republic of Cote d'Ivorie in 1960 (pop 18.3M, 2008 est.), Burkino Faso in 1960 (pop. 13.2M, 2005 est.), Republic of Benin in 1960 (pop. 8.4M, 2005 est.) and Republic of Niger in 1960 (pop. 13.2M, 2008 est.)
10. Guadeloupe and Dependencies. Still dependent (pop. 405, 500)
11. Indochina. Became Kingdom of Cambodia and attained independence in 1953 (pop. 14.2M, 2008 est.), Lao People's Democratic Republic in 1949 (pop. 6.5M, 2007 est.), Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1945, reunification 1975 (pop. 86.1M, 2008 est.).
12. Madagascar and Dependencies. Became Republic of Madagascar and attained independence in 1960 (pop. 20M, 2008 est.).
13. Martinique. Still dependent (pop. 402,000)
14. Morocco. Became the Kindom of Morocco in 1956, gaining independence from both France and Spain. (pop. 31.3M, 2008 est.)
15. New Caledonia and Dependencies. Still dependent. (pop. 244,410, 2008 est.)
16. New Hebrides. Vanuatu attained independence from Britain and France in 1980 (pop 100K, 1976 est.).
17. Reunion. Still dependent (pop. 802K)
18. St. Pierre and Miquelon. Still dependent (pop. 6,125, 2006 census)
19. Tunisia. Became the Republic of Tunisia and attained independence in 1956 (pop. 10.3M, 2008 est.).

20. Curacao. Part of the Netherland Antilles disbanded in 2008, and now under "special communitites" of Netherlands proper. (pop. 140,796, 2008 census).
21. Netherland Indies. Became recognized as the Republic of Indonesia and attained independence in 1949 (pop. 237.5M, 2008 est.).
22. Surinam. Became the Republic of Suriname and attained independence in 1975 (pop. 487,024, 2004 census).

New Zealand
23. Cook Islands. In free-association, 1965 (pop. 19,569, 2006 census).
24. Tokelau Islands. Still dependent (pop. 1,466, 2006 census)

United Kingdom
25. Aden (Colony and Protectorates). Became People's Democratic Republic of Yemen and attained independence in 1967 (pop. 2.5M, 1990 est.), and in 1990 unified to become the Republic of Yemen.
26. Bahamas. Became the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and attained independence in 1973. (pop. 330,549, 2007 est.).
27. Barbados. Became independent in 1966, (pop. 279K, 2006 est.).
28. Basutoland. Became the Kingdom of Lesotho and attained independence 1966 (pop. 2M, 2004 est.).
29. Bechuanaland Protectorate. Became the Republic of Botswana and attained independence in 1966 (pop. 1.6M, 2006 est.).
30. Bermuda. Still dependent. (pop. 67,837, 2009 est.).
31. British Guiana. Became the Co-operative Republic of Guyana and attained independence in 1966 (pop. 858,863, 2008 est.).
32. British Honduras. Became Belize and attained independence in 1981
33. Brunei. Became State of Brunei, Abode of Peace and attained independence in 1984 (pop. 381,371, 2008 est.)
34. Cyprus. Became the Republic of Cyprus and attained independence in 1960 (pop 801,622, 2009 est.).
35. Domenica. Became the Commonwealth of Dominica and attained independence in 1978 (pop. 72,660, 2009 est.)
36. Falkland Islands. Still dependent. (pop. 3,140, 2008 est.)
37. Fiji. Became the Republic of the Fiji Islands and attained independence in 1970 (pop. 944,720, 2008 est.)
38. Gambia. Became Republic of Gambia and attained independence in 1965 (pop. 1.7M, 2007 est.).
39. Gibraltar. Still dependent. (pop. 28,875, 2008 est.)
40. Gilbert and Ellice Islands. Became Republic of Kiribati and attained independent in 1979, (pop. 105,432, 2005, est.) and Tuvalu attained independence in 1978 (pop. 12,373, 2009 est.).
41. Gold Coast (Colony and Protectorate). Became the Republic of Ghana and attained independence in 1957 (pop. 23M, 2008 est.)
42. Grenada. Became independent in 1974 (pop. 110K, 2005 est.)
43. Hong Kong. Now the Hong Kong Special Administrative region of the People's Republic of China, sovereignty transfered in 1997. (pop. 7M, 2008 est.).
44. Jamaica. Attained independence in 1962. (pop. 2.8M, 2009 est.)
45. Kenya (Colony and Protectorate). Became the Republic of Kenya and attained independence in 1963. (pop. 37.9M, 2008 est.).
46. Leeward Islands. Consisting of Antigua and Barbuda became independent in 1981 (pop. 85K, 2009 est.). Montserrat. Saint Christopher, Nevis, Anguilla (pop. 13,477, 2006 est.) and the still occupied, British Virgin Islands (pop. 22,016, 2005 census)
47. Malayan Union. Decolonized in 1946, disestablished in 1948 (see Sarawak)
48. Malta. Attained independence in 1964 and became the Republic of Malta in 1974 (pop. 410,290, 2007 est.).
49. Mauritius. Attained independeince in 1968 and became the Republic of Mauritius in 1992. ( pop. 1.2M, 2007 est.).
50. Nigeria. Became the Federal Republic of Nigeria and attained independence in 1960 (pop. 148M, 2007 est.)
51. North Borneo. Became Sabah and attained independence in 1957 and became part of a federation as Malaysia in 1963. (see Sarawak)
52. Northern Rhodesia. Became the Republic of Zambia and attained independence in 1964 ( pop.11.8M, 2008 est.)
53. Nyasaland. Became the Republic of Malawi and attained independence in 1964 (pop 13.9M, 2008 est.)
54. Pitcairn Islands. Still dependent (pop. 48, 2007 est.).
55. St. Helena and Dependencies. Still dependent (pop. 4,255, 2008 census).
56. St. Lucia. Attained independence in 1979 (pop. 160,765, 2005 census)
57. St. Vincent. Attained independence in 1979 (pop. 120K, 2008 est.).
58. Sarawak. Attained independence in 1957 and became part of a federation as Malaysia in 1963. (pop. 27.7M, 2008 est.)
59. Seychelles. Became the Republic of Seychelles and attained independence in 1976. (pop. 87,476, 2005 est.).
60. Sierra Leone. Attained independence in 1961 and became the Republic of Sierra Leone in 1971. (pop. 6.3M)
61. Singapore. Became the Republic of Singapore an attained independeince in 1963 (from Malaysia 1965). )pop. 4.8M, 2008 est.)
62. Soloman Islands Protectorate. Became the Soloman Islands and attained independence in in 1978, (pop. 552,438, 2005 est.)
63. Somaliland Protectorate. Became the Republic of Somalia and attained independent in 1960 (pop. 9.5M, 2008 est.)
64. Swaziland. Became the Kingdom of Swaziland and attained independent in 1968 (pop. 1.14M, 1007 est.).
65. Trinidad and Tobago. Became the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and attained independent in 1962 (pop. 1.3M, 2005 est.)
66. Uganda Protectorate. Became the Republic of Uganda and attained independent in 1962. (pop 30.9M, 2007 est.)
67. Zanzibar Protectorate. Zanzibar attained independence and merged the United Republic of Tanzania who attained independence in 1961 and merged in 1964 (pop. 49M, 2006 est.)

United States of America
68. Alaska. Admitted to the Union in 1959 (pop 686,293, 2008 est.).
69. American Samoa. Still depenedent (pop. 65,628, 2009 est.).
70. Guam. Still dependent (pop. 173,456, 2007 est.)
71. Hawaii. Admitted to the Union in 1959 (pop. 1.2M, 2008 est.).
72. Panama Canal Zone. Disestablished in 1979
73. Puerto Rico. Became Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in 1953 (pop. 3.9M, 2007 est.)
74. Virgin Islands. Still dependent (pop. 108,612, 200 census).


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